Pizza: Mushroom and Chorizo

This is a great pizza – warm and robust flavours come through from the chorizo, and earthy flavours from the garlic mushrooms. Sprinkled with 1/4 of a chilli just for a surprise bit of fire. Firstly we prepared the mushrooms in butter, and then added the chorizo and garlic to infuse flavours. Second, make the pizza of course ! Yum !

Roast: Turkey with all the trimmings

Here’s a lovely Aldi roast turkey that we did tonight, with Roast Potato, Sweet Potato, Swede, Turnip, Carrot and perfect peas.

Cooking time was 3hrs, when I checked it the roast was already quite well done on the top so I left it closed (the Aldi directions say to open up the foil for the roast for the last 30 mins of cooking).

Veg cooking time was 2 hrs, with foil off the top for the last 20 mins.

Served with chunky cuts, and with lashings of cranberry jam.

Pizza: Mushroom and Garlic

Love this pizza, just remember to pre-cook the mushrooms in garlic and butter to really infuse the flavour. We also added garlic to the pizza base which really made the garlic pop in this pizza.


  • Swiss brown mushrooms – about 4
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • Mozarella

More Pizza

Here’s some pizza we did over the weekend, Chorizo and Swiss brown mushroom, marinara and the proverbial ham and pineapple.

We only had enough dough for 2 hand made bases, so the ham and pineapple got put onto the store bought base.

We’ll let you guess which ones are which 🙂

Pizza: Nutella and marshmallow

Our kids have been pleading with us to do another bliss pizza, but we didn’t have the ingredients on hand. Here’s the alternative, the standard nutella pizza with melted marshmallow on top.

The only real secret to a nutella pizza is to pre-cook the base and then add the nutella, in the case of adding marshmallow just put them back in the oven until they melt down.

Then try to keep them from the kids until they cool down enough to eat..